Phi, the Golden Ratio (also known as the Golden Mean, the Divine Proportion, and more), is found in everything from geometry, art, and math to vibrational frequencies emitting from both earth and space. Some recordings of these frequencies are attributable to human or seismic events, while others are completely mysterious.

ELFRAD (a scientific community that measures extremely low frequencies detectable around the globe) found that while many frequencies are understood, others are still a mystery as to their origin:

“This…indicates the detection of signal bursts with a frequency of 1.618033 hertz. These signals appear with no clear relationship with any known source. They are not related to solar anomalies or any known weather pattern. They do vary in amplitude or intensity and are irregular with their timing. We will continue to monitor this frequency and will display the result. These signals have been detected on a global scale and are of extreme interest.”


Extreme interest indeed.  Many feel this frequency is the source of all creation in the universe, and that “tapping into it” brings about incredible power and vitality in one’s life.

We agree, and we created our Phi Frequency Isochronic Tone recording to channel the power of the Golden Ratio into your life.  Meditating while listening to this program is amazingly transformative.

The common expression of Phi is 1.618 and it’s such a powerful number that the ratio is even used in logo design and advertising artwork due to its eye-catching, and aesthetically-pleasing results. Don’t doubt for a second it’s effectiveness if companies have been using it to sell you products all along and yet you had no idea!

It’s time you harness this energy for your own benefit.

  • Experience euphoria
  • Master a skill you have been working at
  • Have better relationships
  • Acquire the vision and courage to start a new business
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your health